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LCRM Services

Apple, iPod and iPhone Services

We have many years' experience with Apple products and the Apple operating system and can provide various services for Apple computers, iPods and iPhones.

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Backup Services

Your data is never 100% safe unless it is backed up both on-site and off-site. We can provide peace-of-mind services to suit all budgets.

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Networking Services

Your network is crucial to your operations. together, our 15 years experience and Cisco Certified Network Associates can install your network and keep it working for you in a safe and reliable manner.

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Website Hosting Services

One of the first areas of IT covered by LCRM way back in 2000 was the setup and hosting of websites for our clients.

We now have over 15 years experience and have worked with many different companies to provide reliable cost-effective hosting solutions for your internet facing company website.

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Recovery Services

n the event of a disaster, how would your business cope with a loss of its data and computer-based operations? Our graduate-level personnel can help you plan for and recover from a disaster.

Click here for more details of our forensic computing and data recovery services.

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Server, PC and Laptop Repair Services

A broken PC, laptop or server need not be your headache. Our Comp TIA A+ certified personnel can carry out repairs on-site or in our state-of-the-art workshop.

Click here for more details of our on-site, collection or walk-in PC, laptop and server repair services.

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Software Services

We prefer open source solutions (to the layman that means free) because the community development methodology brings experience and perspective to projects.

Over the years, we have learnt to know reliable software solutions, some free and some paid for.

See our affiliates page for some short listed recommendations.

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Security solutions from LCRM

Security should provide peace of mind and reassurance that you have done what is necessary to put into place certain measure to ensure business continuity.

Bottom line, there will never be a 100% bullet proof solution - but if you have put your trust in a market leader and understand the risks to your business then the battle is almost won.

Click here for more details of our complete suite of security solutions.

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VoIP Services

Many years experience providing transitions and support for Voice over Internet Protocol solutions allows us to help your company save money and provide a full set of features to your communications systems

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