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LCRM Hosting Services

LCRM has extensive hosting experience spanning the last 15 years.

Through our services, we provide geo-redundant website hosting. Our servers are located in separate data centres to avoid a single point of failure. Sharing the load placed on a single server means that response times are very good when a client visits your website.

Our aim is to provide reliable, fast website hosting at an excellent price. We also aim to support you throughout - we love nothing more than translating the technical into laymen's terms.

Technical support will be provided throughout the hosting subscription period, see our prices page for further details.

LCRM technicians can advise on general website design and website hosting practices, best policies, privacy policies, search engine marketing, online advertising and just about any other area of hosting you require.

Please visit our contact page to get in touch with us if you are interested in a new website, updating your old website or need a new hosting provider.

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