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PC repairs and upgrades

Our main day-to-day jobs consist of speeding up customers' PCs, diagnostic work, replacing faulty PC and Mac components and virus disinfection.

We accomplish speed improvements through cost-effective hardware upgrades, diagnosing faulty or mismatched components and a thorough LCRM system clean-up known in-house as an 'MOT-for-your-PC' or a 'Make-Over for your Mac'.

Common networking problems are easily resolved with experienced solutions to keep your systems running smoothly.

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LCRM PC Repairs and Upgrades

Apple Mac Repairs and Upgrades

Out of warranty Apple Mac repairs and upgrades allow for a fresh makeover to your most treasured equipment. We find that many requests are for replacement hard drives, operating system upgrades and general system speed-up.

We have established a reliable source for our Apple Mac parts (Apple like to keep things in house and only ship parts to Authorised repair centres).

If your Apple machine is under warranty we can provide a no hassle flat-rate service to organise collection/repair and delivery through an affiliated Apple authorised repair centre.

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LCRM Apple Mac Repairs and Upgrades

Corporate Incident Response

If your company has experienced or suspects a security breach would you know what to do, or what not to do - probably not! Tracing back a digital footprint has to be treated like a crime scene and the first thing most uninformed people do is to trample all over the evidence.

Does your company have procedures in place to conform to industry compliance requirements or even have an acceptable disaster recovery plan in place. Helping us to help you ensures that if or when a disaster occurs, we don't get called out in the middle of the night and your hard earned cash is not being spent on overtime rates and data recovery.

A high percentage of our work requires recovery of operating system installations, photographs, music and office documents. The most difficult recovery job is one where a hard drive has experienced a disk head crash - you will know this has happened by a knocking sound coming from the hard drive. This is not to say your data cannot be recovered, but as the old saying goes prevention is better than cure.

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LCRM Corporate Response

Website design and hosting

LCRM provides website hosting, taking your website from an idea to 'putting it out there on the web'. Our technicians can design and host your website, or just host your website or even just design your website - whatever suites your needs.

Effectively our support and training structure has been designed to eliminate the need for first, second and third line support. All technicians here at LCRM are trained under senior staff gaining real-world experience.

LCRM does not rely on a single server to host your websites - our policy is 'safety in numbers'. Distribute, distribute, distribute. At all times w have copies of your websites hosted on three different servers in three different locations around the world. In the event of one of the servers being offline - we can act fast and switch you straight over to a backup server.

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LCRM Website Design & Hosting


LCRM has invested time and money ensuring that we understand the products we recommend. We use all of the same products that we support, allowing us to talk you through a problem without even seeing your machine.

Need software? we have got a solution for you, from anti-virus software at home to recommended upgrades of your operating system.

We can supply and install Linux, Microsoft and Mac operating systems and software, please contact us for prices.

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LCRM Software

Backup and Security

Recent observations of virus infections justified the move to the next level of protection services offered.

A close affinity with Sophos anti-virus corporation allows a 24/7 'follow the sun' support network for your commercial requirements. We can also provide cost-effective solutions for our home users.

At LCRM we believe that experience and theory together provide the best answer. A long-standing relationship with The Open University allows our engineers to study whilst working. A continual development plan ensures that we stay up-to-date with industry developments.

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LCRM Backup & Security


LCRM actively tests many software products, provides research and development within the open source community and networks with all leading brand manufacturers.

We have established many wholesale distribution suppliers in order to bring our clients the most competitive prices on products.

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LCRM Distribution

Our philosophy

Hence our company name, repairs and maintenance provide the foundations for our company - we feel that our commitment to providing customer satisfaction is second to none and we never put in less than 100%.

LCRM remember the days when the customer was always right and strongly agree with the saying 'if you haven't got customers you haven't got a business'.

Therefore, we base our work on you, as long as you are happy we are happy.

LCRM Philosophy

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